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On my travels this summer after the Toronto buying shows, I stopped by the Cuddle Down Offices in Ottawa. Jennie was very excited to show us her facilities, as I too was excited to get this spectacular tour.

She took me through the fabrics and cutting departments where I could see how each duvet and coverlet was sewn and folded. More interesting was to see how the ticking was prepared for the down and pillows. Luxurious ticking was used to sew each baffle box to the exact size.

Then I was off to the “Down Room” on how to make down and/or alternative down duvets and pillows.

There were several “Made in Germany” down machines that actually weighed out and measured each and every down cluster to perfection. This ensures that each down and pillow that you select is the perfect weight, warmth and comfort for your sleeping experience.

Once the down is measured, it is blown into their luxury cotton ticking baffled boxes and sent over to the sewing department where the labels are attached and the baffle boxes are sewn up to perfection.

But that wasn’t the end. Each pillow or duvet was put on the lighting table to ensure that the down is perfectly distributed so there are no gaps or light flowing through the fabric. If any, it means that the down has to be sent back for redistribution. This is definitely “Perfection to its finest”

Sadly Fall is a little early this year and I thought of saving this post for a later date, but with cold weather, it’s never too early to snuggle under your amazing down.

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