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Enjoy your Summer time fruits and veggies effortlessly! 

Sometimes fruits can be difficult to prepare and end up being quite time consuming. At Bella Casa Design Centre we have a wide range of products that can make your fruit preparation much smoother.


Cherries are a great summer time fruit but those pits can get a little annoying while removing. 

This tool has a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip that will get that cherry pit out in no time!


Strawberries are on everyone's summer fruit list, whether you put them in salads, sweet treats or even just a snack on there own! This neat little tool will take those non-edible parts of the strawberry out hassle free and waste less of the strawberry with one simple twist!


Avocados can be a real pain to peal, slice and core. With these tools slicing will be a breeze! A couple swoops and your avocado is peeled and sliced!

Having a party? Guacamole is always a hit at parties and healthy too! This masher is the perfect size for mashing avocados, which means no more fussing with forks!

Lemons & Limes

In the summer time it seems we put lemons and limes in absolutely everything! Hand squeezing can get messy and have no way to catch unwanted seeds and pulp.These juicers will allow for maximum juicing with minimal effort and no pulp or seeds!


Who doesn't love eating watermelon in the summer time, but cutting it? that's a different story. This tool makes it much easier and less messy to cut the perfect slices! Grab this tool for your next BBQ or picnic!


This is an all in one tool for the mango lovers out there! Press this tool down on the Mango and then use the edges to peel it! Simple as that! Great for those summer drinks and fruit salads!


This easy to grip tool will make slicing those perfect even slices a reality. Simply press the tool down on the peach and in one motion your peach is sliced and pitted! Use this tool for preparing pies, snacks and salads this summer!

See anything you must have? Click on the picture and a link will direct you straight to our webstore to purchase!

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