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As you will all find out soon enough, I am a HUGE fan of drapery!! I blame my education background in textiles for my love of all things fabric. I am under the belief that no room is complete without the addition of some form of drapery. There are SO many reasons I believe everyone should add this versatile accessory into their homes, but I don’t want to bore you so I narrowed it down to 5 convincing points to contemplate.

1. Adds Pattern and Colour: You dress everything else in your home so why not your windows?! – Bookshelves get adorned with decorative accessories and books, sofas with toss cushions and throw blankets, walls with art pieces or wallpaper… and the list goes on! Dress your windows with drapery panels… this is a great way to add colour, pattern, and texture to your space. The best part about it is that drapes aren’t permanent, if you get tired of the fabric you selected, they are super easy to trade out for a new set a few years down the road. You can use drapery as an accent piece by going bold and selecting something fun, bright, and colourful.


2. Adds Warmth: Both visually and physically speaking. Drapery helps to give the perception of a space appearing warmer visually. They also act as a heat insulator; drapes help to prevent the warm interior air from escaping out our windows… and as us Albertans know, we can use all the help we can get to keep our homes warm in this climate!


3. Protection: When the drapes are closed they help to protect furniture, floors, cabinets, accessories, etc. from UV rays. Drapery comes in all forms… you can have your drapes made up in a sheer fabric so that you are still allowing light to come in while blocking out the damaging UV rays. If you prefer your drapes to block out more sun, you have the option of lining the fabric with blackout lining. This is ideal for bedrooms where you want the maximum amount of darkness possible at any hour of the day.

4. Noise Reduction: A space can often echo without any textiles to soften the room and absorb the sound. Not only will drapes absorb sound made on the inside of your home and therefore reduce echoing, but they will also absorb sound coming from the outside of your house too. Whether it is loud cars, noisy pedestrians, or a chatty dog in the neighbour’s yard, drapery will assist in muffling the sounds. Noise reduction is the reason why theaters have loads of drapery hanging everywhere. Here’s a thought… why not add drapery to your home theatre?!

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5. Define Your Style: You can achieve any look you want with drapery (especially if you take the custom route). Is your house modern? – go for a simple grommet panel with a geometric design. Do you prefer more traditional? – opt for a drape with extra fullness in the fabric and tie it back with a tassel for added opulence.

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