Bed Styling 101

Posted by Amelia Almberg on 2019 Mar 21st

Bed Styling 101

Without a doubt having a freshly made bed is a great way to make any bedroom feel 

bright and spacious. Now picture that bed made and styled to perfection, something someone

would only expect to see in magazines, until now. With all the beautiful new lines and products

that have come into the store recently we thought now would be a perfect time to give them the 

spotlight. Adding any of these items to your bed will help take your bed styling to the next level.

Step 1: Sheets, coverlets, and duvet covers. Go for a classic look with solid white

sheeting, a textured coverlet, and a simple neutral duvet color; or pick a duvet cover

with a bold and beautiful pattern and pull some of those colors by using colored

sheeting or coverlet. Here at the store we start with a fitted and a flat sheet, layer in

a coverlet for texture and finish by having the duvet folded in half or in thirds

(depending on the pattern) on the end of the bed.

Step 2: Euro Shams and standard pillows. We recommend using two euro’s for a

queen and three for a king. This is a very easy place to throw in some texture with a

beautiful crushed velvet fabric or pick a more neutral option by using a linen or a

subtle patterned material. Put your sleeping pillow in the same style pillow case as

your sheeting and put the stuffers in the same patterned shams as the duvet cover

for a more cohesive look (don’t know the difference between sleeping pillows and

stuffers? Come by the store and let us show you!).

Step 3: Pop in some throws. Throw pillows and blankets are the best way to add in

bursts of color. Whether the bedding you’ve been using so far is all neutral or full of

colour and pattern throw pillows are the best way to bring the bed together. Using

all neutrals so far? Why not grab a beautiful patterned pillow; there are some

stunning ones from Designers Guild, Eightmood, and more that have just arrived in

store. Use a printed pillow paired with a solid colored pillow or two that

compliments the colors.

Have a bed already exploding with color? Chose your favorite color found in the

pattern and focus on that. If you’re worried about the throw pillows covering up the

beautiful design then keep it simple with a solid lumbar pillow. That way you still

get to pull out your favorite color and not block the stunning pattern from showing.

With throw blankets we like to add them at the end of the bed, placed so they look

like they have been causally draped absentmindedly. We have plenty of knits that

would do the job perfectly, or if you want something that feels fancier we have that


Step 4: Step back and admire your masterpiece!

What are you waiting for? Come in store today and get one step closer to having the

beautiful master bedding you’ve always dreamed of!