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How To Choose Your Down Pillow


This 30-second survey will get you started on your journey to the perfect pillow. Score each question and add the numbers together. Please note – that your sleeping position is an important factor.

1. What is your build / stature?
Small: 1
Medium: 2
Large: 3
2. How large is your head?
Small: 1
Medium: 2
Large: 3
3. How firm is your mattress?
Soft: 1
Medium: 2
Firm: 3
4. What is your preferred sleeping position?
Stomach: 3
Back: 6
Side: 9
Add your scores for your best pillow firmness:
Soft: 6 - 8
Medium: 9 - 15
Firm: 16 - 18


For sleeping pillows we recommend these sizes to suit your mattress size. Smaller sizes are more comfortable as the down does not drift as much.

Twin Bed - 1 Regular or Queen
Double Bed - 2 Standard or 2 Queen
Queen Bed - 2 Queen
King Bed - 2 King or 3 Standard


Large “back” pillows go in behind your sleeping pillows. They are great looking, and very comfortable for sitting up and reading in bed.

Twin Bed - 1 Euro (26")
Double Bed - 2 Euro (26")
Queen Bed - 2 Grand Queen or Grand Euro
King Bed - 2 Grand King or 3 Euro

Your pillow is one of the most important elements to consider for sleep quality, and your overall health. You will use it for many thousands of hours, so it’s essential to make a well informed choice.

A quality pillow will contribute to your well-being, and with care can last for decades. All St Genève pillows are machine washable, and since the fills are highly purified, they are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for 5 years.


Resiliency is the ability of a pillow to puff back up after being pressed down. The higher the quality and loft of the down, the more resilient it will be. Resiliency is directly related to loft – the higher the loft, the greater the resiliency.

Please note – Down pillows will settle in, becoming somewhat softer in the first weeks. We recommend you choose a pillow with this in mind.