Sizing, Colours and Care


All sizing is listed in the product description, please read the measuring information and tips below to ensure you are ordering the correct sizing.  Please note:  All oversized sheeting or custom orders will require special pricing and can be obtained by calling us at 1 (844) 440-4190 or by email

Calculating the depth of a fitted sheet:

Be sure to measure the depth of your mattress as it can vary in size from 8” − 20” in thickness.  Your fitted sheet should be about 3” to 6” deeper than your mattress. For example, a fitted sheet with a 15” pocket depth will fit a 12” mattress or less.   Our regular fitted sheets fit up to a 15” mattress. If your mattress is 16” or deeper, you will require an oversized fitted sheet to suit your measurements. All of our sheeting is not preshrunk, so keep in mind you will find the sheeting too large at first but after around 4 washings you should be at the right size.

Calculating the size of your flat sheet:

If your mattress is over 12” you may want the oversized flat sheet.  If you like a fair amount of tucking, allow approximately 3” to 6” extra on the sheeting.  This may take you into the oversized flat sheet.

Calculating the length of a bedskirt:

You want to measure from the top of the box-spring to the floor. Once the fabric is washed, it will shrink by about half an inch, which should make the skirt the perfect length. The standard length of our bedskirts is 14”, but we can custom make your bedskirt to suit your exact measurements.

Calculating the size of your duvet and/or duvet cover: 

You may ask why doesn’t my duvet hide the entire mattress?   
If your mattress is deeper than 12", you may also need a oversized duvet and duvet cover.  Please indicate your request for oversizing.  You may also wonder, what if I have regular sized queen or king duvet but I need the extra fabric in the duvet cover to cover my extra deep mattress or boxes spring? The duvet cover can come with a 4” flange around the sides and bottom of the cover. For example, if your king mattress is 76" wide, with a depth of 14", 
you will need to calculate as follows: 76 + 14 + 14 = 104"

In this example, your duvet needs to measure at least 104" wide just to reach the box spring; a regular king duvet cover would work.  If your matress is deeper than 14", we recommed that you order the oversized/super king for flanged king duvet cover.  

If you have a queen mattress that measures 60" wide, with a depth of 12",
you will calculate as follows: 60 + 12 + 12 = 84" In this example, a Queen duvet will be appropriate.

Recording your measurements:

Should you require help in determining your sizing, please contact us with your mattress dimensions, including width and length along with mattress depth. Some oversized sheeting or special orders will require a quote.  Please indicate your requests and we will be happy to provide you with one.


We offer free fabric samples on most bedding.  Should you require a swatch, please contact us and we will mail you your sample.  


How long should my linens last?
 This will depend on how you care for your linens and how much you use them. With proper care, Italian made, Egyptian cotton sheets can last many years. 

What can I do about my flat pillows?
 Fluffing your pillows on a daily basis, and keeping them in their protectors will extend their life span. We generally recommend replacing down/feather pillows every 2-3 years.

How often should I wash my sheets?
 We recommend once a week. Not washing your sheets on a weekly basis may result in your natural oils setting into the fabric which causes yellowing.

Is there such a thing as “wrinkle-free” sheets?
 Yes. Polyester or chemically treated. 

Do I need to use a mattress pad? 
Yes! It keeps your mattress clean and protects against dust mites.