Our Team

 Meet Our Team



Karen Visser, founder.

Karen is the founder of Bella Casa Design Centre.  Starting her design career as a home based business, her passion has led her to open the store in Crestwood Mall in 2007.  Her love for fine things prompted her to expand the business to include the finest bed linens, towels, gift items, tableware and the most amazing kitchen accessories.  Karen warmly invites you to come enjoy Bella Casa Design Centre and hopes you will be endlessly inspired and your senses will be awakened!!

Karen's creative direction is brought to life by her talented design team.  

In her spare time, she enjoys spending it with family, friends and her grandchildren!




 Elysia has a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Textile Sciences, as well as a Certificate with Distinction in Residential Interiors, both from the University of Alberta. Even at a young age she always had a passion for design, she loved creating fun colourful spaces and was always dreaming of the next project she could craft or the next room she could decorate.

Elysia offers a full range of design services from sourcing out fabrics, furniture and accessories to providing layout and designs.  

"Anything to do with textiles is right up my alley!"

In her spare time she like to tackle DIY home projects and travel and is currently enjoying the life of being a  mom to 2 active children.





Meet Marcy. Marcy has been with Bella Casa for 17 years and has been crowned our duvet queen. She loves to sell luxurious down duvets on the hottest day of the year, (contrary to popular belief a good duvet will actually keep you cooler on those hot summer nights).

Marcy loves the feedback we get from clients when they have tried out their new bedding and cannot thank us enough for how fabulous everything is. Being a part of making clients' bedroom dreams come true is always a good feeling. Outside of work Marcy has a true green thumb and is a huge fan of Edmonton in the summer. Marcy can also be found hanging out with her 3 lovely grandchildren.





This is Sabine. Sabine knows about everything to do with our kitchen gadgets, if you're looking for an odd gadget Sabine will know exactly where in the store it will be, and if we don't have it she knows which catalogue to find it in. A librarian by trade she makes sure we stay on top of organization and keeps our filing system in tip top shape.

During her spare time you can find Sabine traveling,.





This is Sarah one of our Sales Associates and Design Assistants. Sarah is a graduate of the  Residential Interiors program at the University of Alberta. She loves helping clients with their bedroom blues; be it with helping them find the perfect duvet cover or figuring out which set of sheets will allow them to sleep comfortably through the night.  

When she isn't helping our clients make their homes beautiful you can find her cooking up a storm and baking delicious treats before running off to play sports and coaching hockey.




Cindy is one of our Sales Associates and Design Assistants. She is also our master of visual displays and she keeps the store looking fabulous! Her favourite moment is when a display comes together and "feels right”.
Arranging the season’s newest products isn’t the only thing she loves, in her spare time she can be found sewing or knitting up something new to wear.





Meet Jacoba, our Marketing Guru and Design Assistant! Jacoba is currently finishing up her Residential Interiors program at the University of Alberta. Knowing she wanted to work in the design field Jacoba found the Residential Interiors program and launched into a career where she could help people create unique and beautiful interiors.

While Jacoba loves going through our many fabric books to find the right pattern for a client, kitchens hold a special place in her heart. It's the focal point of the home and there are so many components to work with inside a kitchen that she can let her design mind run wild. In her spare time she loves playing and watching sports and enjoys spending as much time as she can in the sun.