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Gift Wrapping Made Easy

So you want to give the perfect gift to that very special person? Yes, It’s all about the presentation!!

Here are just a few little tips to share with you to create that “wow” factor even before the parcel is opened

It is a bit “Nontraditional” I might add but you will feel good knowing you have reused and re-purposed items that you might have just thrown away.

Take a look around your home, workplace and see what inspires you.

Here are a few examples.

Use Brown paper.. . .not just ordinary brown paper, but the more you wrinkle it the more unique it becomes. Great for wrapping the gift

Packing string. . great for bows.

Unmatched napkins or napkin rings. This are great to top your parcel. Make a big bow from an old napkin (paper or cloth) and top it with a sparkly napkin ring.

Evergreen twigs or pine cones. Just step outside to the fresh crisp yonder and look no further, but around your trees.

Left over wrapping paper – great for wrapping around the parcel in place of a bow.

Old greeting cards -can be used to decorate a simply wrapped box. Take the face of an old

Christmas card, make a small slit on each side for a ribbon to slide through. Attach to the gift.

Used Christmas crackers can be used to make shinny gift tags. Cut out the shape of a tag from any part of the cracker, punch a hole in the top and attach a pretty ribbon or string.

Used cereal boxes or cracker boxes come in handy too. Dismantle a box, paint the printed side with white paint. Cut out tag shapes. Now decorate.....use old sheet music as a background, add a picture of Santa or snowflake cutout. Add a little sparkle.

Some Christmas cards come if beautiful boxes. Re-purpose these boxes as gift boxes. A red shoelace comes in handy to decorate the box along with a tag from last years Christmas cracker.

Keep and eye out for nicely packaged soaps and candles. The packaging can be cut into tags or the images on the packaging can become part of the tag’s decoration.

Lastly old scarves come in handy to wrap gifts too. Simply wrap the gift in the scarf, tie it up with pretty ribbon or butchers string, attach some pine branches